Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trying again...

Today I try again to be a consistent blogger. If for no one else it is for my self. I am the kind of person who works things out when I talk it out. I've learned the next best thing to talking it out is writing. I want to write out my life so when I am at a point of hopelessness I can go back and remember how faithful God has always been. So I write...

Last night I had the privilege to attend an MFI conference. That one night has left a huge mark on me. I feel as though I can breath again. The speaker talked about being sure that you are living within the lines and limits God has made for your life. He also talked about when we are in the right place nothing anyone has to say will take that away, because it is from God. 2 Cor 10 was the key text for the evening, highlighting how Paul handled it when his own church was attacking his character. He is such an example. I am now studying the books that Paul wrote. Starting with Acts. My prayer is that as I read Gods truth it will transform the very way I think. May I be changed from glory to glory.

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