Friday, September 11, 2009

The first few months as a Wife

Well the last blog I posted was ten days before my wedding, crazy. Three months have gone by since that beautiful day. I love being married to Chris, everyday I learn something new. Most of the time the lesson I learn makes no difference in my daily life. Like all the different kinds of welding one can do, and how the higher up a pipe goes the lower the pressure is. The most recent one, how the liquid stays in your straw when you pick it up with your finger covering one end. Other lessons will shape my life. Like how important it is to my Husband to know that I am happy, and how he wants more than anything for me to live out my dreams. That is what love is all about, sacrificing all your wants for the other to have more than they could ever think of. He fears not showing his love for me everyday, I fear not knowing how to show the love I have for him in a fraction of the way he does.

He did the sweetest thing ever. Have you ever received a gift and thought it was great and all but the really great part was how great the person giving it to you thought it was, well the is just what happened. Chris told me he had a surprise for me at his dad's house so I was like what is it and he was like you have to wait and see. Turns out that he drove by a plant nursery and saw the most amazing flower that he just had to buy it for me. To insure that it would grow to its fullest he planted it at his dad's with two logs surrounding it.It was so sweet.

One of the challenges we are facing other than sharing our full size bed is knowing how to pursue a way to be used as a couple in god's kingdom. See I am all about kids ministry and Chris is a twenty one year old guy and as you could guess kids are not at the top of his fun list. Chris is all about being the first one there and the last one out, which can be rather inconvenient. I know that god has huge plans for us in the future and for the family we raise but often it is hard to wait until the future. i am so anxious to walk in the will of God with this amazing partner. So I guess this is a good problem to have... God sure does know what he is doing with our lives.
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