Tuesday, January 20, 2009

gettin it done

So the check list so far for our need to do's is goin very well.
we have a location- an old air port in sandy
we have a cake prepairer
we have a dress ordered
we have the bridesmaids dresses all ordered
we have the guest list done
we have picked out our invitaions
we have found our flowers-costco lilies
we have chairs picked to order
we have found a runner
we have our vidoe man picked out
we have our photographer picked out

The stress that I have been feeling the last couple weeks has simmered down a lot which I am very thankful for that. The biggest blessing I have is the people from my church. I have never met a group of people that care so much about me. My family is not really into weddings, actually i don't think anyone in my family has ever had a wedding more than just enough people to sign the witness paper. my parents got married at my mom's mother's house is borrowed attire flowers from the yard and just family there. which is not wrong but when I am a parent i could never see myself wanting my daughter to rent a gown and spend nearly no money. so Chris is paying for everything to relieve the potential harassment my parents would dish out if they had to help at all. But all that aside I know that God so has his hand on Chris and I and every part of our wedding.all of the things we have got so far have been at the best deal possible and the help we have been getting is amazing. It;s like everything is falling into place. so where I lack a dad that is so thrilled for his kid and a mother willing to help God is my supportive parent. A father to the fatherless. I can't ever imagine this happening if it wasn't for the grace God has on my life and the overflowing love for me he has.
well that is a glimpse into the things I have come to realize so far in this engagement journey and I love it.
oh ya and a-make-you-say awe storey for you all.
last week Chris and I were going over our budget fro the wedding and things we looking not so good in the money area, which led to some changes but for the better. anyways so we were looking at the money and I got so upset that my dad didn't want to help at all , and that my mom hadn't called to check in that I just lost it and started to cry for like ever. He didn't notice at first then he caught on. He wrapped his arms around me and prayed. Of course that just made me cry harder lol. but in that moment when he said nothing but brought it all before God I realized that this is so meant to be!
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