Tuesday, January 20, 2009

gettin it done

So the check list so far for our need to do's is goin very well.
we have a location- an old air port in sandy
we have a cake prepairer
we have a dress ordered
we have the bridesmaids dresses all ordered
we have the guest list done
we have picked out our invitaions
we have found our flowers-costco lilies
we have chairs picked to order
we have found a runner
we have our vidoe man picked out
we have our photographer picked out

The stress that I have been feeling the last couple weeks has simmered down a lot which I am very thankful for that. The biggest blessing I have is the people from my church. I have never met a group of people that care so much about me. My family is not really into weddings, actually i don't think anyone in my family has ever had a wedding more than just enough people to sign the witness paper. my parents got married at my mom's mother's house is borrowed attire flowers from the yard and just family there. which is not wrong but when I am a parent i could never see myself wanting my daughter to rent a gown and spend nearly no money. so Chris is paying for everything to relieve the potential harassment my parents would dish out if they had to help at all. But all that aside I know that God so has his hand on Chris and I and every part of our wedding.all of the things we have got so far have been at the best deal possible and the help we have been getting is amazing. It;s like everything is falling into place. so where I lack a dad that is so thrilled for his kid and a mother willing to help God is my supportive parent. A father to the fatherless. I can't ever imagine this happening if it wasn't for the grace God has on my life and the overflowing love for me he has.
well that is a glimpse into the things I have come to realize so far in this engagement journey and I love it.
oh ya and a-make-you-say awe storey for you all.
last week Chris and I were going over our budget fro the wedding and things we looking not so good in the money area, which led to some changes but for the better. anyways so we were looking at the money and I got so upset that my dad didn't want to help at all , and that my mom hadn't called to check in that I just lost it and started to cry for like ever. He didn't notice at first then he caught on. He wrapped his arms around me and prayed. Of course that just made me cry harder lol. but in that moment when he said nothing but brought it all before God I realized that this is so meant to be!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Jan 10Th 2009 will be the most romantic amazing day thus far in my whole life! Why you may be asking ... well the man of my dreams just officially asked me to marry him, oh and for him I think it is the most planned out day that he has ever lived. lol. Well i am sure you are dieing to hear details so here I go. First of all i had no clue the whole time. We of course have already planned to get married so the ring part He was just waiting to give to me at the perfect time and it so was. It stared out with a wake up call at 7:00 am on Saturday morning making sure that I was up and on my way to the shower. I arrived at his house to find a pen propping the door so I could let myself in. On the table as I first walked in the door was a Starbucks coffee with a piece of paper in font with Christina and an arrow written across it. he was still in the shower so I at on the couch with my coffee waiting for him to get done. then he cooked me pancakes, bacon, eggs and orange juice.
After breakfast we headed to the car with two very large backpacks in hand. On the passenger side of the car there was two beautiful long stem roses,red and pink. There is nothing quite like getting flowers,. I always thought it was over rated until I received my first rose, and yes it was from Chris, sweet I know. :) We were now on our way to the falls!!! I brought my new camera and took like a thousand pictures of everything. Which ended up being perfect since it was to be the day I became betrothed. :) once we got to the falls we took our huge backpacks and headed for the lodge to get some more coffee. To the top we headed. once we arrived on the top, which took a while since I stopped every five feet to take a photo ... my bad, He stared pulling things out of one of the backpacks. Our bibles, a blanket, a portable ipod player and his ipod. We spent the next half hour to forty-five mins reading our bibles listening to Jon thurlow. He is an amazing guy from international house of prayer in Kansas City. Oh I almost forgot to mention that it was FREEZING on top the hillside. there was still mounds of snow left over from the winter blast we received. So to prevent our selves from freezing to death we found two big rocks that formed a little cave to move to after we finished reading our bibles. He then emptied the rest of the things from the backpacks. He brought all of my favorite sandwich items. Pickles, honey mustard, ham , salami, pepperoni, lettis, tomatoes, mayo,olives, green peppers all on a nice piece of french bread. It was the biggest sandwich I have ever made/eaten.
Next comes the highlight... With Jesus music still playing Chris leaned behind me , I was like what are you doing ? he sat up stared at me and said nothing. then he leaned behind me again, I was like no really weirdo what are you doing he looks at me again and just smiles the biggest sweetest smile ever.. he next words would change our lives completely. "Hun... I need to talk to you about our relationship." dumb-founded I say nothing.I am thinking what on earth could he say everything is going so well we are being safe, smart , and very honest. He grabs my hands and stands us both up, smiles again. I glance down and right as he begins to drop to one knee I spot the ring. Instantly I begin to cry "Christina Rose... will you marry me?" I continue to cry say yes grab the ring from his hand put it on and huge him. Still crying I give him a big kiss, hug him again and keep on crying. people are around just starring. Which is the best feeling ever when you just got engaged. instead of saying some sweet words like how he is go great and how much I love him I just call him a monkey and punch him in the arm. I was totally shocked. It was so perfect!!!!
Now I spend most of my time starring at my own hand, it is so great!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

lesson learned

So.. one of the hardest things about planning a wedding for me is the fact that I have have actually never been to a real wedding. I mean I was the flower girl in my parents wedding but I was nearly three.. and well as for the rest people in my family don't really get married the old fashion fancy way. It's more like go to the court house and get her done. Luckily I have some great friends who are more than wiling to help out with pretty much everything :) the first lesson I learned is that the dress takes forever to get here. So last week me and my BFF went out and Found the beautiful gown to be worn. It is really the nicest thing I have ever put on in my life and I love it. the only thing that didn't go as i planned was on the little golden rod sheet not only was the dress under contract to buy but so was the veil, tiara and nickles. so more money than I thought is going to be spent but that is a lesson learned.
Now we all know that rule that the groom can't see the dress until I walk down the isle... well my soon to be groom is not happy with that revelation ha ha. But I will not falter!! So after hearing that He feels a little jealous so we will be heading to the means wear house next week to find his dream tux lol. Which happens to be pinstriped, pretty awesome right?
We will also be going to a Lodge in sandy to look at the possibility of using it for our grand location.
I am just hoping there is minimal moose heads and plenty of space lol.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So about this whole bloggin business, ya I'm a new-be. I figure my life is pretty interesting right?.. Well I think so at least. So why not write for the whole world to see, or maybe just for my close freinds that will actually read it, makes good sense.
well I plan to dedicate most of this info to the planning of a 20 year old's wedding, and yes that's me. I am gettin married june 13th 2008 to the luckiest guy on earth lol. No really this guy is the best you could ask for in a man. skinny, white, nerdy and has an amazing smile oh and he plumbs for money. we have an amazing and beats-the-odds story, surround by the love and grace of God, which doesn't get any better!
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