Sunday, February 15, 2009

118 days to go

Wow I have not blogged for quite sometime. sorry to all my fans for that!
Let me see, well yesterday was valentines day and it was great. Chris and I decited to have a re-do date from two years ago. Since we had all of saturday together we started out with a simple breakfast-pancakes. We watched a movie on our new couch, which at this moment has found its home in my bed room. It makes the pad pretty sweet to hang with my peeps and all that jazz. following that we went for a little shopping adventure. we exchanged cards. Chris wrote something so mushy and amazing and I on the other hand was my usual sarcastic self. lol we are such a perfect balance. He also gave me a beautiful lili pant and a lili bouque. then we ventured off to dinner at old town pizza in town down. It is a cute little place. super old but so cool. the whole place is very close together and it has super sort seelings, the light shades in the place all have a faded yellow color making everything look gold. none of the funiture matches and everything looks to ba an antique. we shared a cutom pizza and I ordered a spinige salad that ended up tastedin like park dust. I felt the need that night to eat like a granola cruncher.. for some unknown reason I got a pesto pizza with spinige and chicken. it sounded great but was not at all what pizza should be. I ended up eating one slice of mine and two of his meat and cheese with olives. as it should be he would say... a classic taste. while we were awaiting the arrival of our pizza we exchanged gifts. I recieved an awesome gift card to a spa place. which i have never even thought about going to. 120 dollars for hair, nails, feet rub, back rub, face peel you know all that girly stuff that we are born to love. I am so excited to go and get my hair done at a place other than great clips.

as for an update on the wedding planning. well not much has changed from last you heard. Other than the fact that the time is going by so fast. we have decided on center pieces. a vase in a vase with a single Calla Lilli and candy surrounding the inner vase. simple but fun. I am so excited, we are going to order our invites, on my mothers request. who by the way had a turn around in interest about the whole getting married business which I am so thanking God for. Chris' dad has picked out an awesome suit to wear. and I shall be taking my parents soon to pick out their outfits. guys tux' are chosen will order in march. we are getting engagement photos taken this coming Saturday. which both of us actually bought new clothes for :) in short things are going great!oh and we should be starting pre-marriage counseling anytime now. which is the fun stuff you all want to know about.
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