Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Beach!

Today the leaders and people who want to be leaders are leaving for the beach for the weekend. I'm excited to get to hang out with some pretty cool people and listen to the rain the whole weekend. I know God is going to teach us all His view on what it means to be a leader, which means I can expect some stretching in my spirit. Any part of my body stretching is not a good feeling. like when I think I can stretch out my legs making fun of Brain and Dusty working out. But than the next day I am the one who is sore lol. So stretching is more often than not something I don't look forward to. It is different when God is the one doing the stretching, not me or another person but God. God's spiritual work out is so good you may sweat in the middle of it but after your all done with the work out you feel so empowered to go and fight off the attacks the devil has been shoveling on you. So even though at times over this weekend a little sweat will be poured and I will feel the burn I know it is God getting me ready to fight a victorious battle.
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