Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Expecting Baby Davis

Yep that is right my blog will now be transforming into my pregnancy journal!
Well I am ten weeks and two days pregnant, as they say it in the doctors office, ten two. My body is already changing so much. Although only my closest friends can tell that I have gained any weight I sure do notice. The best indicator for this aside from the scale, was the fact that I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and the same dress that I wore a year prior to another wedding I decided to wear to this one. I could barely get it to zip my husband kept saying can you suck I replied I am sucking in. The entire wedding it felt like I was being suffocated. So you see this is a great sign that I am developing well.

The baby is developing well also. We have heard his/her heart beat already and seen the tiny baby that looks like a pickle on wheels. According to all the books he/she is the size of a quarter now. I am at a loss as to how someone so small can make me so hungry, and tired.

Not much prepping outside of mental has happened yet at our house. We are going to pick up our hand-me-down crib on Wednesday. We also have two outfits for the little one hanging in our room one for grandpa and one for grandma. Marty and Beth have been so great. Not only did we receive those little gifts, I also was given a maternity outfit and Beth is making a baby blanket.

All of these things help make the pregnancy feel real. I am however, as crazy as it sounds, looking forward to getting bigger. I am sure that once the bump shows I will be looking forward to it leaving lol. That is how life works I guess.

Well much more will come as we await our beautiful Baby Davis.
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