Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WOW It has been forever!!!

Well to all of my dedicated fans who have spent the last months in tears because of the lack of blogging I have done, here is an update.

My wedding is next weekend AHHHH!!!! and I am so excited.
Everything is done but a few minor details, like ordering the food lol, and purchasing the bridal parties gifts. Last Saturday my awesome bridal shower took place. Katie and Jenn did an amazing job! I took a how well do you know Chris quiz and only got 5 out of 20 right :( but Chris did admitt to not fulling thinking through at least 2 of the answers. the rest where so random but really funny. I now have a box full of addvice both nice and so aplicable to my soo to be wife life. God has really provided my with amazing women who have been married for at least 10 years and most of which of kids, to learn from. Katie is the most amazing friend anyone could ever ask for.

Oh an update on chris... He has been so great during these last few stressful weeks. I don't think I could have made it through with him puttin my view back in the right prospective. I also had the mosdt intimidating conversation yesterday. I called my Dad to let him know that Brian would be walking me down the isle on June 13th and not him. It went way better than I thought. the Lord really does hear and answer prayers!!!

Well I also moved into our new apartment. It is so nice, comfy and most important it is us. almost everything has been unpacked and unloaded now we just wait for the time that Chris doesn't have to go somewhere else to sleep. :)

Well that is just a few thoughts from the soon to be Mrs Chris Davis.
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