Thursday, January 8, 2009

lesson learned

So.. one of the hardest things about planning a wedding for me is the fact that I have have actually never been to a real wedding. I mean I was the flower girl in my parents wedding but I was nearly three.. and well as for the rest people in my family don't really get married the old fashion fancy way. It's more like go to the court house and get her done. Luckily I have some great friends who are more than wiling to help out with pretty much everything :) the first lesson I learned is that the dress takes forever to get here. So last week me and my BFF went out and Found the beautiful gown to be worn. It is really the nicest thing I have ever put on in my life and I love it. the only thing that didn't go as i planned was on the little golden rod sheet not only was the dress under contract to buy but so was the veil, tiara and nickles. so more money than I thought is going to be spent but that is a lesson learned.
Now we all know that rule that the groom can't see the dress until I walk down the isle... well my soon to be groom is not happy with that revelation ha ha. But I will not falter!! So after hearing that He feels a little jealous so we will be heading to the means wear house next week to find his dream tux lol. Which happens to be pinstriped, pretty awesome right?
We will also be going to a Lodge in sandy to look at the possibility of using it for our grand location.
I am just hoping there is minimal moose heads and plenty of space lol.
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