Thursday, October 13, 2011

Half way!!

That's right, I am officially half way in my pregnancy. Last Friday we had our big ultrasound. It was so amazing, my favorite part was the little baby hands. We found out it is a boy! Which we are both so excited about. I had hot coco just before the appointment to try and see if that would wake him up. Well it sure did. He was moving all over the place. The ultrasound tech was great she sent us home with like 12 photos, 4 is the norm.

We have committed to the name Ezra Ray Davis. I love it! Ezra of the bible was a total kingdom stud, He studied God's laws diligently and taught them with accuracy. God used Him to do some pretty amazing things! I pray that our Ezra will have the same hunger and love for God and his word, and teach it with accuracy. And that He would do crazy things for God.

I Felt Ezra move for the first time two nights ago after I had some spicy cheese dip. It was so amazing! I have never experienced anything like it. To know a little life is living in me is so cool and crazy. I have felt him since then each day. usually following eating or having coffee or cider. I love this part of pregnancy. There is no denying that I am a mom now. :)

He can also hear our voices now. So I talked to him all the time. Chris does too, once I say "hey have you said hi to your baby today" It is so sweet when he talks to my tummy. I love my husband!!

Parenting books are on the way. Chris and I had very different childhood experiences. Neither were what we want for Ezra. So now that He will be coming in 20 weeks We are beginning to feel the urgency to prep as much as we can in how we want him to grow up. My promise form God is that we would be the Firsts to raise a Godly family in my life. This is an honor and a huge responsibility, we can only see this come true through Christ and relationship with him, through studying the Word and wise council from our leaders. So it begins!

Welp that is all now from this soon-to-be-mama!


  1. Just Read this and got all teary. I'm so proud of you, you're gonna be a great mommy! I love you guys and already love little Ezra too!

  2. :) I love all of this. You two will be such great examples in our generation of Godly, wisdom filled parents. Can't wait to meet the little guy!


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