Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Year will be called the Year of Dreams Unfolding

holy experience

My List of resolutions:

1. Exercise 4 times a week.
2. Read and Research my Future Career
3.Watch or read National news
4. save for a trip to IHOP
5. Memorize Scriptures that are part of my prayer binder
6. stay in contact with Katie weekly

After thinking about what all of these have to do with the big picture of my life I realized that they all have to do with becoming the person God has designed me to be. That is so exciting! I say 'Yes' to God using me this year 'Yes" to him growing me is his love this year and "yes" to becoming a more heath person in body, soul-mind, will, emotions, and in spirit this year.

1. Exercise is not just for people who want to loose wait, that is not me, but it is for every human on the earth. Exercise has a huge impact on my attitude, my heath and my hunger for more. For more of God and for more out of my daily life. I want to go to bed knowing that I accomplished all that God had planned for me that day. Often what I have planned is not at all what God did. So it is more than a to-do list but a peace of mind.

2. I have a huge dream to run a day care for my church someday. Now that is in the very far away future so what am I to do while I wait for that dream? Works towards it of course. So in a week I head back to school to start my 2 year program of studying early childhood development. After that my Hope is to have my own Pre-school. I want it to be a hands on school where we study more that numbers and letters but we explore the beautiful world God has made for us to delight in. This the dreams God has planted in my heart. I love how God has made me:)

3.watching and reading on the national news is very important to me. I don't want to be surprised when people talk about wars and world changes but I want to be aware of what is going on in the World as the nearing of our Lord's return approaches.

4.Save For IHOP. Well this speaks for itself.

5. Memorize Scripture. I have a small black binder that has a list of verses God has spoke to me strongly through over the last year or so and I try to pray them over myself everyday. I want to memorize these so the as school starts again I can renew my mind and spirit through out the day not just at the very beginning or end.

Lastly6. Stay in contact with Katie at least once a week. Well I could go on forever about why I need to do this but... let's just say my best friend and leader is leaving and she is the main person God uses to speak in to my life and I don't ever want to loose the friendship we have or the relationship God has giving me.

I know God is going to bless me with more than I could ever ask for this year. What a good God I serve!

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